the design process
what to expect

Creating your house design can be a fun & exciting journey!

We ambitiously serve you  –  support your ideas, answer your questions, & meet your timeline goals – so you can feel confident about your final design.

We are eager to work with any contractor / builder / interior designer, as we knows this team effort gets clients the best results.

Please request our ‘Home Owner information document’ which provides a wide range of facts to get you started!

1. Introductory Meeting

We discuss your ideas - in person, via email, video call, or phone call. It is good to talk with both home owners to best understand your goals and function. Any information is good in whatever form you have available: pictures, sketches, lists

Introductory Meeting

3. Review & Revisions

You review & communicate your requested changes or likes/dislikes.

Review & Revisions

5. Initial Payment Due

Invoicing is sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Initial Payment Due

7. builder review

You and your builder review the final pre-engineered plans to make any significant changes before engineering.

Builder Review

9. Stamped

Your plans are Stamped and ready for final quotes & permit!

9. Stamped

2. First Draft

First main draft is completed - Preliminary main floor plan, then line elevations.

First Draft

4. Get a Quote from Builder

At this stage you may take some time to quote the prelims with a builder in order to secure your funding before proceeding with the final plans.

Get a Quote from Builder

6. Final draft foundation

Once your Finances approved – I complete the foundation/wall section details.

Final draft foundation

8. Engineer Review

The engineer reviews the structural integrity of the design. I allow 2 weeks for this process.

8. Engineer Review

Be the designer of your own home!

We offer online design meetings which allow clients to take control of their design.

No hassle spending hours learning a design program, her experience delivers revisions in minutes – so you can enjoy the process and feel in control.


Don’t exactly know what you want?

Let our talent and 18 years experience shine!

Just give us a list of wants, property info & answer some questions. 

We will draw a quality home within the square feet you determine.