design rates

GST is charged on all sales. 

Progress invoices are sent out on the 

1st & 15th of the month.

General Pricing

NEW HOME - Preliminary Plans

CCD – Complete Construction Drawings Include:   Final Elevations, Floor plans, Foundation plan, wall sections, code notes. 

CCD – are required for the construction permit & Engineer review / Stamp – IF your permit office requires your plan to be stamped (not always – inquire yourself) You may be able to avoid engineering if: All straight walls are under 40 feet, no piles are necessary.

EXAMPLE: 1500 sq ft main floor Bungalow with attached 800 sq ft garage on piles, & deck:

Prelim: 1500 sq ft main = $750 + 1500 sq ft full bsmt = $300 800 sq ft garage = $120 + 200 sq ft deck = $40

2300 sq ft CCD = $1150 + 800 sq ft piles = $80  TOTAL = $2,440 + GST



Travel time from Roseisle, MB & all meetings are charged hourly rate

Renovation & Addition projects are charged hourly when the design time exceeds the sq ft price.  This often occurs for smaller additions, or multiple revisions, & 3D renderings & views.

Pole Sheds, shops, farm buildings

Each permit authority sets their requirements for drawings required for approval. Contact your local permit office to ask:

  1. What drawings are required for permit? (4 Elevations, Plan/floor layout, Basement, Foundation, wall sections, code notes)
  2. What your property set backs are (Restrictions for distance of building from property line)
  3. ‘IF’ an engineer stamp is required & When is an engineer stamp ‘NOT’ required – Important to ask like this as some permit offices do not require an engineer stamp for: straight walls under 40 feet, small additions or homes without concrete piles. If you only ask if a stamp is required the answer is usually yes. If you ask WHEN a stamp is required you get details.
  4. Farm Buildings – may only require a development permit (not a building permit) if the building is for personal farm or storage use only. 
  5. Commercial Buildings – Over (600 m2) 6458 sq ft – Requires the permit from the Fire Commissioner (OFC) It is important to know this Before you start designing, as OFC building requirements can greatly impact the budget.  We can do preliminary design for Commercial projects to save you some money.  Final drawings will have to be completed by an Engineer/Architect – You may use the prelims we create to communicate with the OFC & quote your blueprints with the engineer of your choice.

Invoices sent out on 1st & 15th of the Month (Mon-Sat) OR after Engineer Stamp is completed.

GST is charged on all Invoices


EXAMPLE: Engineer Stamped Blueprint – 1500 sq ft main floor Bungalow on concrete piles with bonus room over attached garage, deck $: 1500 sq ft main = $600 + 1500 sq ft full bsmt = $300 + 480 sq ft bonus rm = $120 + 800 sq ft garage = $120 + 200 sq ft deck = $30 + 1500 sq ft CCD = $750 + 1500 sq ft walkout bsmt = $150 + Engineer Stamp = $400 TOTAL = $2,470 + Taxes